Why Am I So Unlucky In Video Games

Patrick Lawrence

This might sound a bit pointless but sometimes we can make different decisions or choices which could lead to a different ending or ending that goes away completely.

Not knowing these outcomes can really frustrate people who may already feel dejected after finishing the game, or on the other hand, can also scare some people away.

So why is this so and when will we start seeing change?

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Several types of research have shown that in games when the player can replay the game after the save system has been removed the level of satisfaction is very low.

Players enjoy more when they can pick any level again and have the possibility to change the ending.

This is not always true but usually when the game allows them to re-play the game they choose to pick a different ending or other hidden content.

Players usually experience a greater level of satisfaction when they have control over the main character or unique ability.

This is why in these video games the player will usually replay the game to have the possibility to achieve the same ending they have previously already achieved.


This may not be true for all video games, but usually, when there is no choice on how to end the game, most players think that there was no real meaning behind the game.

In these games the player does not care about how the story is going to end, all they care about is reaching the end.

Of course, there are exceptions like the two most well-known Nintendo games, Mario and Zelda, where they can make choices of their own.

In the first case, you can play the game without any difficulty and not have any importance on how the story goes, in the second case there is a huge fan-base who follow a particular story and always want to complete the game in the most efficient way possible.


Another issue with endings in video games is the relationships with characters.

Usually, the best endings to games will also have a friendship between the player and the main character, who will face off against a final enemy.

This is because the player will always have a reason to remain friends with the main character if the ending doesn’t go well.

In games such as Fallout and Mass Effect, there is a lot of emphasis on the relationships between the main character and other characters in the game, and it has become an integral part of the game’s ending.

These games are popular for a specific reason which is finding the best ending.


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Even when the player doesn’t make a single choice and experience the story without a single choice it is possible to have an enjoyable experience.

If the player enjoys the choices and levels that the game is providing then there is an opportunity for them to enjoy the story a lot more.

Although this is not always the case with some games because the nature of the game becomes very repetitive very fast and once it feels the player has reached the same content as the last time they played the game they want to move on to something else, which may be a bit annoying.

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In the current game environment, you have to expect from your game when you purchase it.

You can’t assume that the game you bought is going to provide the same level of satisfaction that you had from the games you played before, because games are getting bigger and the possibilities of content are getting bigger.

Even the bigger games like Skyrim may not provide the same level of satisfaction as a previous game in the same genre.

The problem with the game industry is that it creates an expectation in the player’s mind that the game they have purchased is supposed to give them the same level of satisfaction as the previous games they have played.

This creates an issue with this expectation because it is never the case.

The player should not feel like they have to buy a new game every time they feel that the game they purchased before doesn’t meet their expectations.


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It is said that there are no bad games, just bad games. However, there are also no good games, just good games.

It is important to know when you have finished a truly good game and when you have finished a game that was just good.

A good game will provide you with a good experience which you will want to continue playing for a long time.

A good game doesn’t have to become a classic to remain special and the longer the game remains popular, the more likely it is to be played again and again.

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