What Is QA Game Tester?

Patrick Lawrence

Quality control (QA) testing is an integral part of any successful product. Whether it’s for software, apps, or games, there are always some last minute changes that need to be made before the product can hit the shelves or launch onto a store shelf.

By having quality assurance professionals test products at the very beginning stages, significant time is saved in the process! This cuts down on costs significantly as well, since these testers get paid to do this already, their services are free.

There are different types of QA tasters out there, but one of the most common ones is game testing. If you love gaming, then this article will talk about what a game taster does and if it’s something you would want to try.

What is a game taster?

A game taster reviews small portions of the game, usually just a few minutes each day. Their main goal is to give you a sense of how entertaining the game is and if it feels like it could exist as a full length movie or TV show.

Some things they look into include:

The overall theme and style of the game The Narrative An interesting storyline with characters that people will connect with How much creativity was put into creating the environments Scenes and dialogue that feel natural

Many times, game testers will review all three of these areas.

Examples of QA

Quality assurance (QA) is a key part in ensuring that a product or service provided by a company functions effectively for its intended use!

Quality control comes before quality assurance, but both play an important role in producing a high-quality experience for your customers.

As a business owner or leader, you should know what qualities are needed to ensure success of a given project. You will not only need people with rich experiences in doing things such as testing products, but also novice workers who are willing to learn new skills.

In this article, we’ll talk about some examples of what professional QA professionals do and how they contribute to the success of a product. Then, we’ll discuss what it means when a job posting for QA position lists specific qualifications beyond “Bachelor’s Degree” and “Must be able to write a good sentence.”

Last, we’ll describe why having several different styles of writing can help you hone your penmanship and prove your organizational skill set. When looking for work as a QA test writer, make sure to include these in your repertoire.

QA team

what is qa game tester

A quality assurance (QA) team is typically made up of testers, project managers, and executive members. Project Managers are in charge of creating a successful launch for your app by making sure everything goes according to plan! They also make sure that the QA team has what they need to do their jobs effectively.

As you know, not everyone enjoys testing apps so there can be trouble finding people with t-tests and stress tests experience. That’s where you as an entrepreneur come into play!

You see, most companies will have either a Product or Marketing manager who isn’t very experienced when it comes to ensuring users enjoy using the product and giving it good reviews. This is usually because they own one area of the company, such as marketing, that doesn’t leave time to test out products.

So why don’t we just get those people to do some testing? The reason is simple– user experience (UX) and product design professionals don’t exist at every level within large corporations. There are only so many hours in a day and even less money due to poor budgeting practices.

Since there aren’t a lot of UX pros around, business owners are left with the job of designing and launching great applications. Sometimes though, apps just fail.

It could be anything from bad UI/UX, no features, or something completely unrelated causing failure.

Test plans

what is qa game tester

As mentioned before, game testers are usually given specific tasks or tests to complete. These can range from testing out new levels for an existing game, verifying that features work properly, or even finding all of the secret items in a game!

As a tester, it is your job to take these tests seriously and perform them as efficiently as possible. It is important to remember that no one but the developer will ever see your test results, so try to be very honest with yourself when doing tests.

It is also important to keep tabs on what time you spend on testing games. If you find that you’re spending more than eight hours per day on testing, then maybe looking for a better position is needed.

Your superiors should be made aware of this if you feel like you cannot manage your workload any longer.

Testing environments

what is qa game tester

A testing environment or platform is where you can test your game. You can use free software, paid software, or even yours!

There are many different types of software that people have designed to help you as a gamer launch and develop new games. Some are more focused on getting the job done quickly, while others may offer additional features.

Whatever type of person you are as a player, there likely exists a way to run your gaming experience with ease.

And this article will talk about some of those tools and how you can use them to help you in your game development career!

What is Unity?

Unity is an interactive 3D computer graphics engine used for making videogames. It was originally developed by Epic Games (makers of Fortnite) and now it’s owned and operated by The Unity Company.

Since its creation back in 2009, Unity has become one of the most popular engines out there. This isn’t a surprise since it does everything very well.

Not only do they give you easy access to almost every tool needed for developing games, but their interface is also super user-friendly and intuitive.

This makes it perfect for anyone who is just starting out as a developer!

The best part about Unity though, is all of the free content and apps that can be downloaded from the website.

Key players in QA

what is qa game tester

As discussed earlier, not every testing job has an “employer” looking out for you. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to get ahead by working smartly and effectively as a tester.

One of the most important roles in software development is quality assurance (QA). This person ensures that the product being designed and built functions properly and meets the requirements set forth by management and stakeholders.

The QA specialist also makes sure that any changes made to the project increase or decrease the overall reliability of the software. This player does research and tests strategies to see what works and what doesn’t work with the program under scrutiny.

At its core, QA is about ensuring that things go well for the end user.

Quality is important

what is qa game tester

As mentioned before, game testers are very valuable to companies that make games. They play games and determine if they feel well made and fun to play through and/or touch up on how the game works.

Most tasters do not get paid much per game, but their time is expensive as it takes them around half an hour to one hour to complete a test of a new game. The more games you test, the better your chances are of being hired!

Test cases can be done at any location with internet access and at times that fit your schedule. Some people choose to work from home due to no commute or the opposite – having a busy workplace where you have meeting spaces and such.

In fact, some companies even offer free testing software so that you don’t need to purchase the game yourself to check out!
QA (Quality Assurance) Games Testers are needed for all types of video games including mobile, console, and computer software.

They include things like checking levels for errors, ensuring features function properly, and determining whether or not the controls are easy to use. Certain apps also require QA testing by verifying that there aren’t too many glitches or bugs in order to give users a good experience.

There will always be problems when creating anything new, which is why professionals test out new material. Since app developers are constantly bringing in new technology and tools, there will be changes and experiments involved.

How to improve quality

what is qa game tester

Being able to identify good qualities in games is one of the first steps towards becoming a game taster or test user. With that, you can determine if a game has what it takes to be considered engaging.

Engaging gameplay must have you wanting to play more of it! This could be due to how well designed the game is, how fun the individual scenes are, or even both.

If there’s nothing special about a scene, then chances are no one will want to play longer than just this one moment. It has to hold your attention, at least for a little while.

There are many ways to evaluate whether or not a game has enough depth for its own setting aside engagement. Some things include: how well the different characters relate to each other, how much choice there is to perform actions, how diverse the environments are, and how rich the settings are. All of these should contribute to making the experience feel complete.

Take responsibility

what is qa game tester

As a tester, you will be taking things from other people’s hands to see if they work well. This can sometimes mean testing out new products or software that have not been released yet!
As a QA test taker, you are also assuming the responsibilities of product development.

Your job is to find any flaws in the material quality, functionality, and reliability of the product. You get to decide whether these weaknesses are minor faults or major design issues so that the company can fix them before it releases the item into the market.

There is an important thing about this role that many people do not understand. No matter how professional and experienced someone may seem, there is always another person who could use their skills more than them.

This is why it is very important for testers to learn how to become better at their craft. By educating yourself and seeking out training, certifications, and/or collaborations, you will know what tools are needed and where to look to hone your skill.

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