How To Become A Game Tester In 2023

Patrick Lawrence

As mentioned before, game testers are in a position to test games on all major gaming platforms- not just for their platform, but also as an individual tester! This is one of the best career paths for someone looking to make a living from playing video games.
As a game tester, you will be paid to play videogames and evaluate them on whether they are fun to play or not. Your job can vary quite a bit depending upon what type of game developer you work with, but most definitely includes testing out new games.

If you want to become a game tester then there some things must come first. You should be able to read, write and speak basic English, you need to know how to use Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux software effectively, and finally you need to be comfortable using computer technology such as touch screens, trackballs and mouse/keyboard devices.

This article will go into more detail about becoming a game tester and everything needed to succeed as a novice tester.

Find a testing company

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As mentioned before, there are several companies that offer certification as game testers. Not all of them are the same so it is important to do some research and compare notes before deciding which one is right for you!

Some things to look into include how long they have been offering their program, whether or not they require any sort of background in gaming, and if they require a degree or diploma. This will depend on what type of certificate you want and if you have already mastered games then going back to school may be unnecessary.

In addition to taking courses at a college or university, many test providers offer online tutorials to learn more about their programs. These can be very helpful to understand the basics of becoming a tester while keeping costs down.

Game tests vary in length depending on whether you are being tested for the first time or if you are trying to refresh your skills. Some only take an hour or two whereas others can take hours- even days- longer.

Prepare a personal marketing plan

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As mentioned earlier, becoming a game tester is not easy, nor does it come with a free pass to enter into every company’s program. But if you are willing to put in some effort then there are many ways to get started. You can start your search by creating or updating your online profile. This will help show potential employers how well you communicate, what games mean to you, and whether you are interested in working as a tester for their product.

Your online presence can make a big difference in getting work. For example, most companies these days use social media sites to look up candidates. By having an active account that is filled with content related to gaming and software development, you increase your chances of being noticed. If possible, include links to your own projects so people can check out your talent!

Another way to prepare is to develop your skills in other areas. Testing is more than just making sure things work properly when you push a button. Being able to design good looking logos, know how to write a solid business proposal, and be familiar with basic computer programs like Microsoft Office and Photoshop are all helpful.

Become a good developer and a good tester

how become a game tester

As mentioned before, being a game tester is not just about testing games, it’s also about developing your test-gaming skills as a person. You will be tested on how you handle yourself in stressful situations, how you prioritize tasks, and whether or not you can work well with others.

As a game tester, there are going to be times when you feel like you’re the only one who understands what needs doing next. This can make you feel isolated and even though you have to do this for your job, outside of work you want someone else to help you out.

It’s important to remember that while other people may seem more experienced than you at some things, this doesn’t mean they know everything! If something seems too simple to them then chances are they haven’t done it quite enough times and so won’t realize all the little nuances of how it’s done.

Practice testing

how become a game tester

As mentioned before, becoming a game tester is not easy, nor does it happen overnight. But you can start by practicing your hand-eye coordination and perception skills by practicing test games or practice tests.

There are many ways to do this! You can play video games that have in-game testers, app stores with free apps, and/or websites where you can register as an observer for a new product (this is usually limited to one week per site).

By registering as an observer, you will be able to take part in prerelease events such as gameplay demos or beta versions of the software. This is a great way to get some real work experience!

Game companies often ask for observers to give their full feedback so there’s no need to feel shy about giving yours either. Sometimes they even pay small fees for it depending on what type of event you attend.

Know your software

As mentioned before, being a game tester is not just about knowing what games have been released, but also what internal tools or applications are used to create them. This includes things like Unity, Unreal Engine, Visual Studio, and so forth!

By understanding how different engines work, you will be able to better identify potential problems in games that other testers may have already identified. Not only that, but by doing some research into the development process of games, you can pick up tips and tricks for improving your own productivity as a developer!

As developers ourselves at one time, we all need help from time to time! If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed or tired, there are many ways to improve your productivity. By learning more about the design and creation processes of video games, you can try to apply those concepts to your daily workload.

You could read through game development books or watch gameplay videos to learn even more. There are also plenty of educational sites and blogs with great information about the gaming industry.

Learn to debug

how become a game tester

A tester’s very success in the game industry depends largely upon their ability to identify, diagnose, and correct problems within a videogame. This includes issues with gameplay, graphics, sound, and overall quality of experience (QOE) for players.

Game testers must be able to distinguish which aspects of a game are working well and which could be improved to achieve the developer’t goal. For example, when confronted with an interface that users have described as hard to navigate or use, a good test software engineer will take notes and compare it to similar applications to determine what needs changing or replacing.

Likewise, if a feature or element of the game is not performing as expected, a good test software engineer will recognize this as a chance to make changes so that the game functions more effectively!

There are several ways to become familiar with debugging. You can either learn through direct instruction from others who are successful at it, by practicing alone, or by finding tutorials and videos online.

Read through contracts carefully

how become a game tester

There are two main types of contract agreements for game testers. One is for full time positions and the other is for freelance work. For both, make sure to read all terms very closely as there can be significant benefits or costs depending on what is included.

The first type of contract is for part-time employment. These typically state that you will receive a monthly salary per month per year, paid weekly (payday). This is not common in the video games industry due to it being a constant flow of income, but some companies do offer this.

Usually, these agree on how many hours you will work per week and day so that users can easily contact you, as well as give time off days. Some even have rules about average working weeks so that everyone knows when to expect their paychecks.

As with any job, there’s always going to be someone who doesn’t like or respect their co-worker, so try to be friendly with your colleagues, but keep issues internal.

Get your own testing equipment

how become a game tester

As mentioned before, being able to test games is one of the most important things for game designers to look into. Most large companies have their internal QA teams that review games as they are finished, but what if you want to try out some new ideas in the process?

That’s where freelance testers come in! They can be paid per project to check out different concepts and see how well the software functions under such conditions.

There are many ways to become a tester, so no matter what kind of experience you already have, there is something available for you! The more experienced people will probably start off by reviewing other peoples work, making sure it has not been done before.

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