How To Be Game Tester

Patrick Lawrence

Being game tabled is a very hard job, so it’s definitely not for novice users! There are many ways to be game tested, but most experienced testers have at least one person they trust that can help them get started.

That person could be someone in your department or team who already has their feet wet with testing, or maybe it’s a friend who is more seasoned than you and wants to be paid to play games. Either way, start by asking these people if they know anyone else that does game testing.

There might even be online communities or seminars where local game test professionals gather to share tips and tricks. By being active on social media, you’ll also come across helpful information. You can always follow someone on Twitter or look up info about them on YouTube or Facebook.

But perhaps my biggest advice is to just keep an open mind when it comes to other gamers. Try to think of yourself as a beginner, and ask lots of questions. Read some tutorials first to see what kind of things testers do before agreeing to work with someone.

Find a job listing

how to be game tester

Finding a game testing position is not difficult, but it does require some time and effort. There are many ways to find your next career in gaming!

Most companies have their own internal recruitment processes that they use to look for new employees. Sometimes these departments will announce posting of positions online where anyone can view them.

By using our database at you can search through all of the most popular games, and under which department or position each test account belongs to. This way you do not need to go outside to look for employment opportunities.

Call or email the company

how to be game tester

As mentioned before, testing is a very important part of the game development process. While some people are more creative than others, there are always someone who has what it takes to test out new features.

As such, most companies will require you to be a candidate for employment first. This includes having a phone interview with one of their managers or leadership members and then either an in-person or online job interview.

During both interviews, they will look at your skills and experiences as well as if you fit into their team. If you make them feel comfortable, you may get a referral and a chance to prove yourself!

At the same time, making sure your personal life is stable can go a long way by helping you focus on work. It shows that you have priorities and can manage your time effectively.

Tell them what you are interested in testing

As mentioned earlier, being a game tester is a great way to test out your gaming skills and be paid for it! Obviously, not every company will have a games testing department, but that’s okay because there are other ways to become a game tester!

Most companies now use software developers as game testers. This can help you since most software engineers have at least a bachelor’s degree or higher. They may even have some experience as a gamer so they know the basics of playing a video game and how to evaluate if one game is better than another.

If you are already a skilled player then why not double up and do both? There are many websites with free accounts you can use to try out different games and apps. You can also browse through their game lists to see which ones appeal to you and which departments would like to add you into their team.

Another option is to search online job sites such as LinkedIn or Monster to see whether anyone else has posted about working as a game tester. Or you could send an email to see if someone there knows of any positions open while performing this role.

They may ask to do a test before they hire you

how to be game tester

As mentioned earlier, game testers are very important in the gaming industry. They play games for various publishers and get paid well depending on how many bugs they find.

As such, it is very important to prepare for your t-test by reading more about what being a successful t-tester entails and some tips on how to be a good one.

The most common way to start working as a game tester is through an online platform like TestRabbit or Zynga. These companies have their own tests that recruiters conduct to see if you’re suitable.

Usually, these tests require you to play a few minutes of a game to determine whether you are able to handle stress well and whether you can identify potential issues.

These issues could be anything from poor graphics to too much music or noise in the game, but even things such as lack of sound effects or uninteresting voice overs will sometimes throw up an error.

Prepare a list of your skills

how to be game tester

As mentioned before, being a game taster is not easy. You will have to know how to play games, what genres are growing in popularity, and you must be able to recognize good games when you see them. All of these things contribute to being picked as a game taster.
As a game taster, your goal should be to give positive feedback for the best games possible so that gamers can learn more about the games they want to try.

If a friend has asked you to test their new game, then start playing it and see if anything seems interesting to you. If something does, tell them! Tell them why it was fun or annoying and whether there were any parts that left you feeling satisfied.

Tell them what skills you have

how to be game tester

As mentioned before, being a good game tester is more than just having fun playing games and knowing how to use the software well. Being able to test games effectively means knowing the different areas of gaming as a whole and understanding testing concepts like failure modes, experiment design, and statistical analysis.

Testing knowledge of these concepts will make you a much better tester!

Being familiar with these things will also help in identifying if someone else’s work is truly effective or not so that you can take their ideas and improve upon them. This will boost your career as a tester quickly!

There are many ways to be a game tester so don’t feel like you need to be professional level materialisty to try your hand at it. Many people start out as amateur testers by experimenting with different types of games and genres and seeing what works for them.

The best way to learn though is through doing so yourself! There are several ways to do this including via free trial accounts on various game testing websites or even just looking around online for tips and tricks.

Try to get a sample project or test your skills on a program

how to be game tester

Being a game tester is not for the faint of heart, nor are there many positions available unless you are very passionate about games. If this isn’t the case then this job posting may be too vague for you!

Fortunately, there are ways to become a game tester even if you aren’t necessarily interested in testing video games yourself. The best way to do so is by trying to get your hands on a copy of a game that has enough depth and content to be able to test it properly. This can either be through buying a digital version, or via renting from a site such as Steam.

If possible, try to find out which department within the company the game was designed for so that you know what they were working towards when creating the product.

Ask for the job

how to be game tester

Asking people if they are looking for new employees is not a good way to get work as a game tester, nor is posting your resume online and waiting for someone to contact you. If you want to be part of the gaming community, then start by joining it!

There are many ways to become more involved in the games industry. Most large publishers have internal test groups that recruit members via word-of-mouth or advertising on social media sites.

By interacting with other gamers, you will learn what types of games they like and how to apply those skills to yours. Testing out a few games is a great way to begin!

As an employee, testing out a game before buying a license can save your company money. This is especially important for big budget titles where cost per player can add up quickly!

If you’re already a gamer, developing your skills as a taster will help you land employment as a full time tester. Many companies offer free playtime so you don’t need to spend money to hone your craft.

Your friends and family might also know of game developers who are seeking staff, so try asking around first.

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