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Patrick Lawrence

As we already mentioned, being a game tester is not only cool, but also pretty lucrative. There are many ways to gain experience as a tester, including through online courses, mobile games, and software companies.

At All About Games, we focus mostly on web-based games so this article will be focused on that. But what kind of person would want to work in gaming anyway?

We should start by talking about why becoming a game tester is an excellent idea. First off, testing games is just plain fun! You get to explore new worlds, learn new things, and challenge yourself with different games. It’s like taking a little break from your normal life to re-focus and relax.

Second, there are lots of positions within the video games industry that require no special training or education beyond high school. This means anyone can begin working in the field, even if you have never touched a computer before in your life! Even better, most employers expect at least some degree of proficiency using technology, so it isn’t necessarily easy to find “entry level” jobs.

Third, test developers need people who can give them honest feedback about their products. A lot of times, testers come across as either very positive or negative, which doesn’t do much for morale. By being more neutral, you will help improve teamwork and quality of product.

Fourth, getting employment as a tester is not difficult.

Prepare your own game

become game tester

As mentioned before, being a tester is not just about having fun playing games and testing out new features. Being a tester means developing skills in gaming as a medium. This includes knowing how to prepare your own game!

As you begin your career as a game tester, it is important that you know what software can be used for creating games. There are many different softwares available with various functions. Some people may have a favorite they feel more comfortable using, so they might suggest trying out other ones to see if you are able to create your dream game without one.

There are also several ways to develop your creativity as a gamer. Creating gameplay concepts, stories, or levels is an integral part of becoming a successful game tester. Becoming familiar with the types of games and genres is another way to improve your skill set.

You do not need to design graphics to test them out, but designing logos, characters, or environments is another way to exercise your creative muscles. Taking pictures or looking up examples is usually enough to get the job done!

Generalizing this idea, anyone can become a game developer. All it takes is putting in the effort to learn the basics of making video games and then practicing your craft.

Connect with the developer team

become game tester

A tester’s job is to find problems in games, so it makes sense to connect with the game development team! This can be done through various means such as at a studio event or conference, via social media (like Instagram) or online forums.

At events, you will meet other people who are part of the game industry, and they may know of open positions within their company. By introducing yourself and including links to your LinkedIn profile, you give both them and yourself more opportunities for employment opportunities.

On social media, there are lots of gaming communities where developers interact with each other and members of the community are looking to hire. Searching under ‘game testers’ gives you an idea of what companies are offering and how much money they want to pay for one.

Online discussion boards are another way to search for jobs. The best ones have active participation from many different users, and they usually run a closed chat system which allows only vetted individuals access.

Tell them what you can do

become game tester

As mentioned before, being able to design good levels is only half of becoming a game tester. The other part is testing games for different developers! This includes checking if their level designs are well constructed and interesting, whether or not they contain any glaring errors such as blank screens or bad graphics, and determining if there’s enough variety in terms of content.

There are many ways to gain experience as a game tester. Some of the more popular ones include joining an online gaming community, playing through several rounds of an existing game, registering with TestRabbit, creating your own test game, and offering your services as a freelance tester.

Registering at sites like TestRabbithas countless opportunities. One of these is the chance to read job posts and see if there are any positions that match yours. You could also send out emails telling people about yourself and asking if anyone needs help.

By adding yourself into various databases, you will get even more chances to be found! For example, most gamers have access to Xbox Live so it would make sense to connect to that and start uploading videos and leaving comments.

Offer your help

become game tester

As mentioned earlier, becoming a game tester is not as easy as just starting at a company that offers testing services. This can be a tough career path unless you are very social and like to meet new people.

Testing games is definitely a job that requires lots of patience and time management skills. There will be times when you have to wait for an app or game to finish loading before you can test it, and there’s no guarantee that what you test works properly either.

That being said, if you are willing to put in the effort into learning how to test games, then there are many ways to get started. You can start by offering your services through various game developer forums and communities. Or, you could create your own account at Testing Grounds and offer your services there!

There are also several websites where individuals and companies recruit potential testers. Some of these sites even pay users per hour worked.

Follow the instructions

become game tester

As mentioned earlier, testing games is not easy. There are several ways to become game testers beyond just waiting for your dream job as a tester already being employed. You can start creating your own position as a test player or reviewer by following these steps!

As you know, becoming a full-time game tester means having a solid understanding of gaming including strategies, types of games, and what gamers want from engaging experiences.

Game testers must be able to read user reviews and comments to determine if a product is worth buying or avoiding. Test players must be able to recognize poor quality content so that people do not buy it and get disappointed with the experience.

Interacting with other members of the video game community is another important part of being a game tester. People who enjoy playing videogames invite others into their groups to help them find new games or to discuss the games they love or hate.

By interacting with likeminded individuals, you will learn more about the inner workings of videogames which can then be applied in your career as a game tester.

Ask for a test account

become game tester

As mentioned earlier, game testers are usually paid through a company that recruits people to play games and provide feedback on them. Most big companies have their own software to create accounts you can use as game testers so it does not cost anything to start.

Some tasters will be given pre-release access or early versions of the games to help determine if they like the product and/or want to buy it. This is very helpful as they can give valuable input to make sure the game has what it needs to succeed!

Most gamers already have experience testing games so this is a great way to get into game reviewing. The only thing is, most companies do require at least one review under your gamer tag before giving you credentials to become a reviewer.

But there are some sites that let anyone ask to be a taster without requiring an existing account.

Create your test account

become game tester

Now that you have some game experience, it is time to start thinking about becoming a game tester! While there are many ways to become a testing professional, one of the most straightforward routes is to create an individual profile on either or You can then pick the site you would like to connect with as a member so they can accept you as a tester!

Tested has many different positions available including mobile games, console games, and PC games. Each position requires its own certification which usually includes having a computer accessable via internet, gaming software such as Photoshop, Microsoft Office, and very important – a valid driver’s license!

Playthegame offers both beginner level tests as well as more advanced ones depending on your skill set. They also offer a free seven day trial period for people who want to see if their service is right for them before paying anything else!

Both sites give full benefits to members including advertising opportunities, higher paychecks, and catered meals while working.

Start testing

become game tester

As mentioned before, being a game tester is not only about checking out new games, but also finding opportunities to test them. You can do this by creating your own game or as an observer watching others create theirs.

There are many ways to start testing video games!

Testing for software developers is one of the best ways to become a game tester. Software developers hire testers to review their games’s functions and features and find any possible issues.

They may ask you to tryout their product so that they know you will be honest with their company and its products.

If you are more creative than weilding, then trying to make your own game could be another way to begin. Or if you have a knack for drawing, making a picture based game might win you some points!

And lastly, observing other games is another way to get started. You can read online about tips and tricks for becoming a better player and see what things seem interesting to you.

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