Circa Play

Circa Play is a gaming blog that covers iOS games, classic arcade games, and Kickstarter board games. 

The blog’s founder, Patrick Lawrence, is a fellow at the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University. He also teaches video game writing.

Circa Play is mainly concerned about online publishing and promoting. In addition to the main site, Circa publishes a video game review and a monthly podcast.

The blog is also known for the variety of genres and topics that we cover regularly.
Patrick is a games journalist, podcaster, and self-proclaimed “nerd.”

Since he was a kid, the Phoenix, AZ-native has been a “nerd” all around— from making comics, to collecting stamps, to reading comics—and he just so happens to love gaming as well. 

But it was when he watched his dad make a mistake with his Game Boy Color that he became enamored with the medium.

Most of the reviews and blog articles are written by Patrick himself.

Circa Play